Visualizing Historical & Most-likely First Snowfall Dates for U.S. Regions

UPDATE: You can now run this as a local Shiny app by entering shiny::runGist(“95ec24c1b0cb433a76a5”, launch.browser=TRUE) at an R prompt (provided all the dependent libraries (below) are installed) or use it interactively over at Shiny Apps. The impending arrival of the first real snowfall of the year in my part of Maine got me curious about… Continue reading

Spending Seized Assets – A State-by-State Per-capita Comparison in R

The Washingon Post did another great story+vis, this time on states [Spending seized assets]( According to their sub-head: >_Since 2008, about 5,400 police agencies have spent $2.5 billion in proceeds from cash and property seized under federal civil forfeiture laws. Police suspected the assets were linked to crime, although in 81 percent of cases no… Continue reading

R version of “An exploratory technique for visualizing the distributions of 100 variables:”

Rick Wicklin (@[RickWicklin]( made a recent post to the SAS blog on [An exploratory technique for visualizing the distributions of 100 variables]( It’s a very succinct tutorial on both the power of boxplots and how to make them in SAS (of course). I’m not one to let R be “out-boxed”, so I threw together a… Continue reading

Using Twitter as a Data Source For Monitoring Password Dumps

I shot a quick post over at the [Data Driven Security blog]( explaining how to separate Twitter data gathering from R code via the Ruby `t` ([github repo]( command. Using `t` frees R code from having to be a Twitter processor and lets the analyst focus on analysis and visualization, plus you can use `t`… Continue reading

Data Driven Security Roundup: betaPERT, Shiny, Honeypots, Passwords & Reproducible Research

Jay Jacobs (@jayjacobs)—my co-author of the soon-to-be-released book [Data-Driven Security](—& I have been hard at work over at the book’s [sister-blog]( cranking out code to help security domain experts delve into the dark art of data science. We’ve covered quite a bit of ground since January 1st, but I’m using this post to focus more… Continue reading

Data-Driven Security (The Book) Update #ShamelessSelfPromotion

If I made a Venn diagram of the cross-section of readers of this blog and the [Data Driven Security]( web sites it might be indistinguishable from a pure circle. However, just in case there are a few stragglers out there, I figured one more post on the fact that the new book by @jayjacobs &… Continue reading

Lies, Damn Lies, “Data Journalism” and Charts That Don’t Start at 0

This tweet by @moorehn (who usually is a superb economic journalist) really bugged me: Alarming chart of employment for people between 25 and 54. It's like a ski jump. #SOTUecon — Heidi N. Moore (@moorehn) January 29, 2014 I grabbed the raw data from EPI: ( and properly started the graph at 0 for… Continue reading

Announcing The Launch Of The Data Driven Security [Blog|Podcast]

While you’re waiting for the [book]( by @jayjacobs & @hrbrmstr to hit the shelves, why not head on over to the inaugural post of the [Data Driven Security Blog]( & give a listen to the first episode of the [Data Driven Security Podcast]( The Data Driven Security Blog aspires to be your go-to “how to”… Continue reading