September 2019 Democratic Debates Added to {ggchicklet}

The latest round of the 2020 Democratic debates is over and the data from all the 2019 editions of the debates have been added to {ggchicklet}. The structure of the debates2019 built-in dataset has changed a bit: library(ggchicklet) library(hrbrthemes) library(tidyverse) debates2019 ## # A tibble: 641 x 7 ## elapsed timestamp speaker topic debate_date debate_group… Continue reading

‘data:’ Scraping & Chart Reproduction : Arrows of Environmental Destruction

Today’s RSS feeds picked up this article by Marianne Sullivan, Chris Sellers, Leif Fredrickson, and Sarah Lamdanon on the woeful state of enforcement actions by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While there has definitely been overreach by the EPA in the past the vast majority of its regulatory corpus is quite sane and has… Continue reading