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There was some chatter on the twitters this week about a relatively new D3-based charting library called [TauCharts]( (also @taucharts). The API looked pretty clean and robust, so I started working on an htmlwidget for it and was quickly joined by the Widget Master himself, @timelyportfolio.

TauCharts definitely has a “grammar of graphics” feel about it and the default aesthetics are super-nifty While the developers are actively adding new features and “geoms”, the core points (think scatterplot), lines and bars (including horizontal bars!) geoms are quite robust and definitely ready for your dashboards.

Between the two of us, we have a _substantial_ part of the [charting library API]( covered. I think the only major thing left unimplemented is composite charts (i.e. lines + bars + points on the same chart) and some minor tweaks around the edges.

While you can find it on [github]( and do the normal:


or, even use the official initial release version:


I’ll use the `dev` version:


for the example below, mostly since it includes the data set I want to use to mimic the current, featured example on the [TauCharts homepage]( and also has full documentation with examples.

Here’s all it takes to make a faceted scatterplot with:

– interactive tooltips
– interactive legend
– custom-selectable trendline annotation:

tauchart(cars_data) %>% 
  tau_point("milespergallon", c("class", "price"), color="class") %>% 
  tau_guide_padding(bottom=300) %>% 
  tau_legend() %>% 
  tau_trendline() %>% 
  tau_tooltip(c("vehicle", "year", "class", "price", "milespergallon"))

Hybrid cars fuel economy by price and class
It seems expensive cars are less efficient.

There are _tons_ more examples in the [TauCharts RPub]( (and soon-to-be vignette) and @timelyportfolio will be featuring it in his weekly [widget update](


  1. I don’t see any support for time series plots

    • Take a second look. It supports xts objects and had basic Date & POSIXct support. There are a couple gaps still (this package is only 0.3 and TauCharts itself is only 0.5). Feel free to contribute code to help speed this along! (I also think there is an example of time series in the RPub)

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