Track Hurricane Danny (Interactively) with R + leaflet

Danny became the [first hurricane of the 2015 Season](, so it’s a good time to revisit how one might be able to track them with R. We’ll pull track data from [Unisys]( and just look at Danny, but it should be easy to extrapolate from the code. For this visualization, we’ll use [leaflet]( since it’s… Continue reading

NASA GISS’s Annual Global Temperature Anomaly Trends (dplyr/ggplot version)

D Kelly O’Day did a [great post]( on charting NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) temperature anomaly data, but it sticks with base R for data munging & plotting. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with base R operations, I thought a modern take on the chart using `dplyr`, `magrittr` & `tidyr` for data manipulation… Continue reading

Visualizing Historical & Most-likely First Snowfall Dates for U.S. Regions

UPDATE: You can now run this as a local Shiny app by entering shiny::runGist(“95ec24c1b0cb433a76a5”, launch.browser=TRUE) at an R prompt (provided all the dependent libraries (below) are installed) or use it interactively over at Shiny Apps. The impending arrival of the first real snowfall of the year in my part of Maine got me curious about… Continue reading

Plot Me Like a Hurricane (a.k.a. animating historical North Atlantic basin tropical storm tracks)

Markus Gessman (@MarkusGesmann) did a beautiful job [Visualising the seasonality of Atlantic windstorms]( using small multiples, which was inspired by both a [post]( by Arthur Charpentier (@freakonometrics) on using Markov spatial processes to “generate” hurricanes—which was [tweaked a bit]( by Robert Grant (@robertstats)—and [Gaston Sanchez](’s [Visualizing Hurricane Trajectories]( RPub. I have [some history]( with hurricane… Continue reading

An Alfred (OS X) Workflow for Weather Underground Personal Weather Station (PWS) Data

I’ve operated a [Weather Underground]( [Personal Weather Station]( (PWS) [[KMEBERWI7](] off-and-on (hardware issues notwithstanding) for as long as I can remember, and I thought it was about time to finally do an Alfred↔PWS mashup. My personal requirements were quite modest: – 5 reading history (including most current) – Ability to copy all the current day’s… Continue reading