Paths To Discovery: Mapping Your Home Network

Gone are the days when one had a single computer plugged directly into a modem (cable, DSL or good ol’ Hayes). Even the days when there were just one or two computers connected via wires or invisible multi-gigahertz waves passing through the air are in the long gone by. Today (as you’ll see in the February 2016 [OUCH! newsletter](, there are scads of devices of all kinds on your home network. How can you keep track of them all?

Some router & wireless access point vendors provide tools on their device “admin” pages to see what’s connected, but they are inconsistent at best (and usually pretty ugly & cumbersome to navigate to). Thankfully, app purveyors have jumped in to fill the gap. Here’s a list of free or “freemium” (basic features for free, advanced features cost extra) tools for mobile devices and Windows or OS X (if you’re running Linux at home, I’m assuming you’re familiar with the tools available for Linux).

### iOS

– Fing –
– iNet – Network Scanner –
– Network Analyzer Lite – wifi scanner, ping & net info –

### Android

– Fing – (google); (amazon)
– Pamn (google); (direct source)

### Windows

– Advanced IP Scanner
– Angry IP Scanner –
– Fing –
– MiTec Network Scanner –
– nmap –

### OS X

– Angry IP Scanner –
– Fing –
– IP Scanner –
– LanScan –
– nmap –

Some of these tools are easier to work with than others, but they all install pretty easily (though “Fing” and “nmap” work at the command-line on Windows & OS X, so if you’re not a “power user”, you may want to use other tools on those platforms). In most cases, it’s up to you to keep a copy of the output and perform your own “diffs”. One “pro” option for tools like “Fing” is the ability to have the tool store scan results “in the cloud” and perform this comparison for you.

Drop a note in the comments if you have other suggestions, but _vendors be warned_: I’ll be moderating all comments to help ensure no evil links or blatant product shilling makes it to reader eyeballs.

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