New Chrome Extension To Turn Observable Notebooks Into Quarto Projects

My previous post announced a Rust-based command line tool for generating Quarto projects from Observable Notebooks.

Some folks may not want to use yet-another command line tool, and it dawned on me that it’d be more convenient to just do the conversion in-browser when one is already on a Notebook page. So, I dusted off some very creaky Chrome extension skills and put together an extension for doing just that.

It’s pretty straightforward:

  • navigate to a Notebook you want to serialize to a Quarto project
  • press the button
  • profit!

You can download individual resources by hand or just use the zip file that automagically downloaded.

screen capture of observable notebook showing how to press the quartize button

screencap showing the aftermath of the quartize process with annotations

vs code screencap showing the downloaded quarto project in source and render

Cover image from Data-Driven Security
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