Mapping Power Outages in Maine Dynamically with Shiny/R

I decided to forego the D3 map mentioned in the previous post in favor of a Shiny one since I had 90% of the mapping code written.

I binned the ranges into three groups, changed the color over to something more pleasant (with RColorBrewer), added an interactive table for the counties with outage and have the elements updating every minute.

You can see the Live Outage Map over at it’s live Shiny server. Source is below or over at github if you’ve got blockers enabled.

Cover image from Data-Driven Security
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6 Comments Mapping Power Outages in Maine Dynamically with Shiny/R

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    1. hrbrmstr

      Thx. We’re at the bottom of York County, and usually have some type of outage (which is one reason I’m building all these data trackers :-). Strangely enough, we escaped all the damage this time around. Hope the storms and power issues didn’t cause too much trouble for you.

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