Jumping on the “Banned” Wagon

The parent proposed a committee made up of parents and teachers of different cultural backgrounds come up with a list of books that are inclusive for all students. Where’s the ACLU? They’d be right there if this was an alt-right’er asking to ban books with salacious content they deem (rightly or wrongly) “inappropriate” or “harmful”… Continue reading

The Devil is in the Details

The first public informational video from the PEOTUS didn’t add a full transcript of the video to the web site and did not provide (at least as of 0700 EST on 2016-11-22) their own text annotations/captions to the video. Google’s (YouTube’s) auto-captioning (for the most part) worked and it’s most likely “just good enough” to… Continue reading

This is not cool.

First it was OpenDNS selling their souls (and, [y]our data) to Cisco (whom I don’t trust at all with my data). Now, it’s Dyn — http://www.streetinsider.com/Corporate+News/Oracle+(ORCL)+Enters+Agreement+to+Acquire+DNS+Provider+Dyn/12270020.html — doing something even worse (purely my own opinion). I’m currently evaluating offerings by FoolDNS & GreenTeam as alternatives and I’ll post updates as I review & test them…. Continue reading


Bulbs. If those were real, functional bulbs that were destroyed…spreading real, irreclaimable refuse…all to shill a far less than revolutionary “professional” laptop…then, just how “enlightened” is Apple, really? But, I guess it’s fine for the intelligentsia class to violate their own prescribed norms if it furthers their own causes.


Stop making people suicidal. Stop telling people they’re going to be killed. Stop terrifying children. Stop giving racism free advertising. Stop trying to convince Americans that all the other Americans hate them. Stop. Stop. Stop. Just. Stop.