Building Jytter On OS X (tested on Mountain Lion)

Dan Kaminski (@dakami) tweeted a cool, small (11 instruction) TRNG generator called Jytter Friday:

The authors have Windows & Linux ports but no OS X port (and, I play mostly on OS X when not in virtual environments). So, I threw together a quick port of it to OS X. It should work on Snow Leopard or Lion, but YMMV.

You need to install nasm via a quick brew install then copy to and change the nasm and gcc lines to be:

nasm -D_32_ -O0 -fmacho -ojytter.o jytter.asm
nasm -D_32_ -O0 -fmacho -otimestamp.o timestamp.asm
gcc -D_32_ -m32 jytter.o timestamp.o -o demo -O2 demo.c

I ran the resultant demo binary and got:

True random integers:
64-bit: 10DE4A7EA676A869
128-bit: E2B9F86CADC854B540090E125A7C7611
256-bit: 7F3AC590F6EE2AC13F136B802BEBCC8323CB26665BC354CDAC488ED86E153641
True random passwords:
66-bit: OEqQaY8UQeO
132-bit: Gwi9DCMtFy7XzHWHII37Hj
258-bit: TPzqJfLL84Mjq3VZXpQDW0.WhWSFq2HA9X6FL7GSjaX
Execution time in CPU ticks:

which tracks with the linux output I received (obviously not the same values) from the demo program on one of my non-VPS linux nodes.

Russell Leidich (the author) did some really impressive work here. I did virtually nothing (just enabled playing with it on OS X). The posts at the Jytter site are well worth the time spent absorbing.

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