The Actual, Über, Ultimate Fake News List

It is surprisingly shorter (or longer if you grok regular expressions) than you think it might be: http[s]://.*.

Like it or not, bias is everywhere and tis woefully insidious. “Mainstream media” [MSM]; Alt-left; Alt-right; and, everything in-between creates and promotes “fake” news. Hourly. It always has. Due to the speed at which [dis]information travels now, this is the ultimate era of whatever _you_ believe is “true” is actually “true”, regardless of the morality or (unadulterated, non-theoretical) scientific facts. Sadly, it always has been this way and it always will be this way. Failing to recognize Truth tis the nature of an inherently flawed, broken species.

The reason the MSM is having trouble defining and coming to the grips with “fake news” is that it — itself — has been a witting and unwitting co-conspirator to it since before the invention of the printing press. Tis hard to see the big picture when one navel-gazes so much.

Nobody wants to be wrong and — right now — the only ones who _are_ wrong are those who disagree with _you_. Fundamentally, everyone wants their own aberrations to be normalized and we’re obliging that _in spades_ in our 21st century society. Go. Team.

Rather than sit back and accept said aberrations as the norm, verify **everything** that is presented as “fact”. That may mean opening an honest-to-goodness book or three. Sadly, given the sorry state of public & university libraries, you may need to go to multiple ones to finally get at an actual, real, fact. It may also mean coming to grips with that what you want *so desperately to be “OK”* is actually not OK. Just realize you have permission to be wrong.

Naively believe *nothing* (including this rant blog post). Challenge everything. Seek to recognize, acknowledge and promote Truth wherever it shines. Finally, don’t mistake your own desires for said Truth.

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