Update to metricsgraphics 0.9.0 (now on CRAN)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my [metricsgraphics package](https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/metricsgraphics/index.html). The hit list for changes includes:

– Fixes for the new ggplot2 release (metricsgraphics uses the `movies` data set which is now in ggplot2movies)
– Updated all javascript libraries to the most recent versions
– Borrowed the ability to add CSS rules to a widget from taucharts (`mjs_add_css_rule`)
– Added a metricsgraphics plugin to enable line chart region annotation (`mjs_annotate_region`)
– Enabled explicit coloring line/area charts (it was a new feature in the underlying Metrics-Graphics library)
– You can use bare or quoted names when specifying the x & y accessors and can also use a variable name
– You can now use the metricsgraphics title & description capabilities, but doing so voids any predictable/specified widget height/width and the description functionality is really only suited for bootstrap templates

I think all that can be demonstrated in the following snippet:

dat <- read.csv("http://real-chart.finance.yahoo.com/table.csv?s=AAPL&a=07&b=9&c=1996&d=11&e=21&f=2015&g=d&ignore=.csv",
DATE <- "Date"
dat %>%
  filter(Date>="2008-01-01") %>% 
  mjs_plot(DATE, y="Low", title="AAPL Stock (2008-Present)", width=800, height=500) %>% 
  mjs_line(color="#6a3d9a") %>% 
  mjs_add_line(High, color="#ff7f00") %>% 
  mjs_axis_x(xax_format="date") %>% 
  mjs_add_css_rule("{{ID}} .blk { fill:black }") %>%
  mjs_annotate_region("2013-01-01", "2013-12-31", "Volatility", "blk") %>% 
  mjs_add_marker("2014-06-09", "Split") %>% 
  mjs_add_marker("2012-09-12", "iPhone 5") %>% 
  mjs_add_legend(c("Low", "High"))

NOTE: I’m still trying to figure out why WebKit on Safari renders the em dashes and Chrome does not.

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7 Comments Update to metricsgraphics 0.9.0 (now on CRAN)

  1. Barry

    Hello, I’m puzzled by one element of this syntax: what does ‘%>%’ mean? I’ve searched and can’t find it (likely because it’s confounded with control symbols).


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    1. hrbrmstr

      I can see special characters being hard to search for. The “piping” phenom has been a “thing” for about 18 months now on all the various r-bloggers blogs and twitters. Plus it’s in the dplyr (et al) help & vignettes. You do raise a gd point, though, and I’ll definitely make sure I note things like “%>%” usage in the future. Interestingly enough, I don’t really do much with pipes in the packages I write since it’s harder to pinpoint errors when things break.

  3. David

    It would be great if announcements of new package releases such as this began with a summary of what the package does… most do not, so this is the first stop on my campaign for more informative release notes. Thanks!


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