CVE Queries Right From Your Browser’s Address Bar

I’m not sure why I never did this earlier, but a post on LifeHacker gave me an idea to add location bar quick search of CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), no doubt due to their example on searching LifeHacker for “security”.

My two favorite sites for searching CVE specifics are, at present, Risk IO’s and CVE Details.

I’m fairly certain anyone in security reading this can figure out the rest, but as I’m ever a slave to minutiae, here are the two shortcuts I’ve setup in Chrome:

Title: CVE Details
Search URL:
Shortcut: cved
Title: Risk I/O Vulnerability Search
Search URL:
Shortcut: cvedb

Here’s what the location bar changes to when I use cvedb to search for 2012‑4774


In reality, this is only saving a scroll and a click since entering CVE‑2012‑4774 into an unoptimized location bar would have just searched Google and given me most of the usual suspects in the first few links. Still, it saves some time and immediately gets me the vulnerability data from the sites I prefer.

I may start poking to see what other security-related searches I can setup in the location bar.

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