Christian Science Monitor Text Layout (Single Page Full Article View)

As I was about to “buffer” a reference to a CSM article on “cyber war” (below), I paused to look for a “print view” or some other icon that would let me show the whole article as a single page vs the annoying multi-page layout view they normally are presented in (which also doesn’t work in my “hardened” Chrome config #meh).

A quick bout of googling got me to the CSM “text edition“. I found the same article there and noticed that there was some straightforward magic in the URL that could be applied to any article.

For any regular article URL like the following (you’ll need to prepend the “http://” part as I had to remove it so WP would stop interpreting and auto-linking the URLs):

Just insert the bolded bits (“layout/set/text/“) below right after the “” part:

for an annoyance-free reading experience. You’ll lose any associated pictures, but you’ll be able to get all the real content in one, distraction free page. There’s probably a Chrome or Firefox extension that does this already, but my tolerance for add-ons is growing thin.

Cover image from Data-Driven Security
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