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Keeping up with R-related news on Twitter, GitHub, CRAN & even R-Bloggers (et al) can be an all-encompassing task that may be fun, but doesn’t always make it easy to get work done. There is so much going on in the R community that we (myself and @jayjacobs) felt there was room for another podcast focused on the (highly subjective) “best of the best of the week”. We’ve dubbed this effort “R World News” and will be publishing it weekly starting this week.

Each episode will highlight new CRAN packages/developments, cutting edge releases from rOpenSci & the “GitHub”-ecosystem, book reviews, interviews and featurettes on topics such as the new feather file format. Show notes will have links to everything and we even have a small newsletter setup to let you know when new episodes are up and deliver the notes right to your inbox.

You can also follow us on Twitter (@r_world_news) to be informed there when new episodes are posted.

Episode 1 is up and you can use the following URL to subscribe to the podcast feed:

We’ve been approved for the iTunes Store (that link should work starting Wed/Thu) and will be getting the feed on the major podcast services as quickly as they can process requests. We’re also working on getting the companion blog (really, just a show-notes feed) up on R-bloggers, so stay tuned!

Make sure to give a shout-out to with topic suggestions and drop a note in the comments for each episode over on

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