Forbes Graph Makeover Contest Entry #1

Naomi Robbins is running a graph makeover challenge over at her Forbes blog and this is my entry for the B2B/B2C Traffic Sources one (click for larger version):

And, here’s the R source for how to generate it:

df = read.csv("b2bb2c.csv")
ggplot(data=df,aes(x=Site,y=Percentage,fill=Site)) + 
  geom_bar(stat="identity") + 
  facet_grid(Venue ~ .) + 
  coord_flip() + 
  opts(legend.position = "none", title="Social Traffic Sources for B2B & B2C Companies") + 
  stat_bin(geom="text", aes(label=sprintf("%d%%",Percentage), vjust=0, hjust=-0.2, size = 10))

And, here’s the data:

Site     Venue Percentage
Facebook B2B    72
LinkedIn B2B    16
Twitter  B2B    12
Facebook B2C    84
LinkedIn B2C    1
Twitter  B2C    15

I chose to go with a latticed bar chart as I think it helps show the relative portions within each category (B2B/B2C) and also enables quick comparisons across categories for all three factors.

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2 Comments Forbes Graph Makeover Contest Entry #1

  1. John

    I think that making the xlim 0,100 would improve it. Also, either the whole colour scheme needs to be revised (for the page) or your graph has to fit into that. The horizontal white lines are pointless and the vertical ones could be in thee foreground.


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