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Cross-post to Substack where I dropped some details on the newest browser in town: Arc. Intro:

It feels like it’s been forever since The Browser Company started teasing us about their new browser, Arc. I did the dance many of you almost certainly did and typed in my throwaway email address to try to get access to the beta when it came out. I noticed some tech rags starting to cover Arc in-depth this past week, so I checked my email (50/50 chance I’m reading email on any given day), and — sure enough — I had my download link as well.

I won’t be able to give a multi-thousand word review today, especially since I did not get time to capture Netflow over a couple hours to see how skeezy Arc may be, so consider this an Arc introduction vs full review. (I am also, sadly, out of invite codes but drop me a message if you want one as I’m trying to get more invites).

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