Quick Hits :: 2011-02-08


  • Originally meant to improve the security of jailbroken iOS devices, antid0te is now also available for OS X Snow Leopard thanks to the efforts of Stefan Esser. Since Apple engineers did not see fit to load the dynamic linker – dyld – at a random base address, they left a fairly significant hole that even Windows engineers managed to cover up. Stefan provide step-by-step instructions for rebasing your dyld install to give your Mac an even more increased security posture. Antid0te for Mac OS X Snow Leopard [antid0te.com]
  • Travis Goodspeed took his badge from The Next Hope conference and turned it into a promiscuous sniffer for the Microsoft Comfort Desktop 5000 and similar 2.4GHz wireless keyboards. This is a good reminder of how oblivious folks can be to convenience technologies they use everyday. It also speaks to just how easy it is to hack consumer-oriented hardware. Sniffing RF hardware communication packets[Travis Goodspeed’s Blog]

Startups/Access Management

  • This is an outstanding tutorial on how to manage access permissions to Dropbox folders. I can only hope to get my enterprise data owners to be so careful of how they dole out access to critical data. HOWTO use Dropbox to organize your startup’s documents [RevenueLoan blog]
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