WEIS 2011 :: Session 2 :: Identity :: Negative Information Looms Longer Than Positive Information

Laura Brandimarte
Alessandro Acquisti
Joachin Vosgerau

Twitter transcript

#weis2011 How does information related to past events and retrieved today get discounted? Why does neg valence receive more weight?

#weis2011 how do we improve trustworthyness?

#weis2011 "designers of modern tech do not understand human fallibility and design systems w/o taking them into account" < true #weis2011 the reason why bad sticks better than good is that they way it gets discounted may be different. #weis2011 experiments were survey based & randomized. all were students < not sure that's random enough or broad enough selection #weis2011 (me) I hope they make the slides avail. ton of good info I just can't capture (and I don't have an e-copy) #weis2011 "good" information only matters if it's _recent_. "bad" information is not discounted at all. it "sticks" < huge e-implications

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