Wait Wait…Don’t Pwn Me! (SOURCE Boston) Transcript & Thank You!

wwdpm.001For those that wanted to play along at home, I’ve cleaned up the text and made the Wait Wait…Don’t Pwn Me! closing segment of SOURCE Boston 2013 available for download [PDF]. The video crew had cameras running, so keep checking the @SOURCEconf web site as it’ll probably get posted as they crank through all of the conference session videos (give them time, tho, as there are a ton of vids to process).

I also wanted to, again, thank @selenakyle for her most excellent job playing Carl Kasell; the awesome panelists: @451Wendy, @innismir & @andrewsmhay; @joshcorman for—yet again—putting up with me picking on him (and getting all the questions right); and our volunteers: @ra6bit, @Gmanfunky (and three more who I need Twitter handles from :-).

I only hope that @petersagal & the WWDTM crew can forgive me if they ever read the transcript or views the video of the segment.

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