Adding a CRAN Search Engine to Chrome

Riffing off of [the previous post](, here’s a way to quickly search CRAN (the @RStudio flavor) from the Chrome search bar.

– Paste `chrome://settings/searchEngines` into your location bar and hit return/enter
– Scroll down until the input boxes show, enabling you to add a search engine
– For _”Add a new search engine”_ put “`CRAN`”
– For _”Keyword”_ put “`R`”, “`rstats`” or “`CRAN`”, but “`R`” is super easy to type, though it may not be optimal for you :-)
– For _”URL with %s in place of query”_ put the following:

(you may be able to trim that URL a bit, if desired)

Save that and then in the Chrome location bar hit `R` then `[TAB]` and you’ll be sending the query to a custom Google search that only looks on CRAN (specifically the @RStudio CRAN mirror).

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4 Comments Adding a CRAN Search Engine to Chrome

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  3. carlwitthoft

    Hmmm… given the pwerful and detailed R-search tools on some of the CRAN sub-pages, any way to access them directly? Also worth reminding folks of the “sos” package (not to mention StackOverflow)


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