New CRAN Package Announcement: splashr

I’m pleased to announce that splashr is now on CRAN.

(That image was generated with splashr::render_png(url = "")).

The package is an R interface to the Splash javascript rendering service. It works in a similar fashion to Selenium but is fear more geared to web scraping and has quite a bit of power under the hood.

I’ve blogged about splashr before:

and, the package comes with three vignettes that (hopefully) provide a solid introduction to using the web scraping framework.

More features — including additional DSL functions — will be added in the coming months, but please kick the tyres and file an issue with problems or suggestions.

Many thanks to all who took it for a spin and provided suggestions and even more thanks to the CRAN team for a speedy onboarding.

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  3. Student

    Would be interested in tutoring one on one using Splash? I am familiar with R, but have very basic knowledge in web scraping and feel that the information online is hard to find in one location. (Could not find any contact information).


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