Re-imagining @panda_security’s Q1 2013 Report Pie Charts

We infosec folk eat up industry reports and most of us have no doubt already gobbled up @panda_security’s recently released [Q1 2013 Report]( [PDF]. It’s a good read (so go ahead and read it, we’ll still be here!) and I was really happy to see a nicely stylized chart in the early pages:


However, I quickly became a #sadpanda when I happened across some explosive 3D pie charts later on. Rather than deride, I thought a re-imagining would be a better use of time and let you decide which visualizations both communicate better and are more appealing.

I chose to use @Datawrapper to showcase how easy it is to build and publish pleasing and informative visualizations without even leaving your browser.

Figure 4, Original:

Panda Labs Q1 2013 Report Fig 5 (Orig)

Figure 4, Alternative:

Figure 5, Original

Fig 4: New malware strains In Q1 2013, by Type (orig)

Figure 5, Alternative (horizontal vs vertical, just to mix it up a bit):

If the charts had been closer together in the report, I would have opted for vertical design for both and probably kept malware-type ordering vs sort by highest percentage.

How would you re-imagine the pie charts? Post a link to your creations in the comments and I’ll make sure they show up embedded with the post.

Cover image from Data-Driven Security
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