archinfo v0.4.0 Released

My archinfo utility is a small macOS command line application that displays process id, name, and architecture (arm64 or x86_64).

Version 0.4.0 adds the following capabilities:

  • Added --x86 (-x short option) to have archinfo only show x86_64 processes
  • Added --arm (-a short option) to have archinfo only show arm64 processes
  • Added --basename (-b short option) to havearchinfo` only show basenames of running processes vs the full path

The key driver for this update was to make it easier to only see the remaining, non-universal binary or ARM-only laggards.

Example runs with the new options:

$ archinfo --x86 --basename
  42801 x86_64 QtWebEngineProcess
  40408 x86_64 QtWebEngineProcess
  40378 x86_64 RStudio
  56426 x86_64 gpg-agent
   4244 x86_64 TwitchStudioStreamDeck
   4243 x86_64 QtWebEngineProcess
   4213 x86_64 QtWebEngineProcess
   4173 x86_64 kbfs
   4155 x86_64 keybase
   4140 x86_64 updater
   4065 x86_64 Keybase Helper (Renderer)
   4057 x86_64 Keybase Helper (Renderer)
   4056 x86_64 Keybase Helper
   4053 x86_64 Keybase Helper (GPU)
   4045 x86_64 krisp
   4043 x86_64 Keybase
   4035 x86_64 AdobeCRDaemon
   4033 x86_64 AdobeIPCBroker
   3993 x86_64 Elgato Control Center
   3971 x86_64 Stream Deck
   3959 x86_64 LogiVCCoreService
$ archinfo --x86 --basename --json
{"pid":4065,"arch":"x86_64","name":"Keybase Helper (Renderer)"}
{"pid":4057,"arch":"x86_64","name":"Keybase Helper (Renderer)"}
{"pid":4056,"arch":"x86_64","name":"Keybase Helper"}
{"pid":4053,"arch":"x86_64","name":"Keybase Helper (GPU)"}
{"pid":3993,"arch":"x86_64","name":"Elgato Control Center"}
{"pid":3971,"arch":"x86_64","name":"Stream Deck"}

You can find signed binaries and source code on the Releases page.

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