My Picks From #PyCon2013

alogoWhile you can (and should) view [all the presentations]( from #PyCon2013, here are my picks for the ones that interested me the most, as they focus on scaling, mapping, automation (both web & electronics) and data analysis:

– [Chef: Why you should automate your web infrastructure]( by Kate Heddleston
– [Messaging at Scale at Instagram]( by Rick Branson
– [Python at Netflix]( by Jeremy Edberg, Corey Bertram, and Roy Rapoport
– [Real-time Tracking and Mapping of Geographic Objects]( by Ragi Burhum
– [Scaling Realtime at DISQUS]( by Adam Hitchcock
– [A Crash Course in MongoDB](
– [Server Log Analysis with Pandas]( by Taavi Burns
– [Who’s There – Home Automation with Arduino and RaspberryPi]( by Rupa Dachere
– [Why you should use Python 3 for text processing]( by David Mertz
– [Awesome Big Data Algorithms]( by Titus Brown

A huge thanks to the speakers and conference organizers for making these resources freely available, especially to those of us who were not able to attend the conference.

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