Slopegraph Workbench/Workshop in D3

I’ve been getting a huge uptick in views of my Slopegraphs in Python post and I think it’s due to @edwardtufte’s recent slopegraph contest announcement.

The original Python code is crufty and a mess mostly due to the intermittent attention to it, wanting to reduce dependencies and hacking vs programming. I’ve been wanting to do a D3 version for a while, so I went a bit overboard once I learned of Mr Tufte’s challenge and made more of a “workbench” for making slopegraphs:


It’s all in D3/HTML5/javascrpt/CSS and requires no server-side components at all.

You can play with a live, alpha-quality version and check out the rest of the components on github.

It needs work, but it should be a good starting point for folks.

As my track record for “winning” things is scant, if you do end up using the code, passing on word of my upcoming book with @jayjacobs would be
#spiffy :-)

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    1. hrbrmstr

      aye. it’s on the TODO. source is up on github if you want to take a shot at it tho. prbly won’t get to it until next week.


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