“Show in Finder” Broken? Here’s One Potential Way To Fix It

I’m not entirely sure what happened to cause it, but the “Show in Finder…” feature of a plethora of OS X apps broke on me just over a month ago. I poked around a bit, deleted a preference file here or there and un-tweaked some tweaks to see if it would help and nothing resolved the issue.

So, I finally had some spare minutes to try the good ol’ “Repair Permissions” feature of Disk Utility. Ten minutes plus one reboot later and —BOOM!—I’m back in business again.

Of note were literally hundreds of issues fixed while permissions were being repaired. Methinks it may have to do with a system crash or two that happened during some of the 10.8 beta update releases I was running.

Hopefully this helps even one other person looking to fix this tedious issue.

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