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I did another twitter thread on the aforeblogged MowerPlus database as I explored the tables after a second mow to determine what identified a unique mowing “session” (using John Deere’s terms).

This is the thread:

For those folks who are sanely averse to Twitter but have been following along in the blog the overall TLDR is that this time around it took less time since I didn’t have to go over areas twice and that the ZSESSION column in the ZMOWLOCATION table hold the session id for a given mowing session.

I wrapped up how to get access to the MowerPlus SQLite DB that holds this data into one function and you can see a non-Twitter (and non-annotated) version of the Twitter thread here — this rmarkdown report — or below:


I’ll likely make I made a small package for this since I’ll use it during mowing season so and you can check the other usual suspects (gitlab/bitbucket/gitugh) if you, too, want to use R to help analyze your mower data.

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