Making Static & Interactive Maps With ggvis (+ using ggvis maps w/shiny)

Even though it’s still at version `0.4`, the `ggvis` package has quite a bit of functionality and is highly useful for exploratory data analysis (EDA). I wanted to see how geographical visualizations would work under it, so I put together six examples that show how to use various features of `ggvis` for presenting static &… Continue reading

Visualizing Historical & Most-likely First Snowfall Dates for U.S. Regions

UPDATE: You can now run this as a local Shiny app by entering shiny::runGist(“95ec24c1b0cb433a76a5”, launch.browser=TRUE) at an R prompt (provided all the dependent libraries (below) are installed) or use it interactively over at Shiny Apps. The impending arrival of the first real snowfall of the year in my part of Maine got me curious about… Continue reading