hrbrthemes 0.1.0 is now on CRAN

I’m pleased to announce the inaugural release of my hrbrthemes (0.1.0) package on CRAN

The primary goal of said package is to provide opinionated typographical and other aesthetic defaults for ggplot2 charts.

Two core themes are included:

The Roboto Condensed Google Font comes with the package along with an installer for said font (it’s an R installer, you still need to install it on your OS manually).

Other niceties include:

  • scale_[xy]_comma() — shortcut for expand=c(0,0), labels=scales::comma
  • scale_[xy]_percent() — shortcut for expand=c(0,0), labels=scales::percent
  • scale_[color|fill]_ipsum() — discrete scale with 9 colors
  • gg_check() — pass-through spell checker for ggplot2 label elements

Source version is tracked on GitHub.

Critiques, bug reports and enhancement requests are most welcome as GitHub issues.

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