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Brylcream? Check.
Decked out in your best Frankie Avalon or Annette Funicello beach fashions? Check.

Now, polish up your cruiser and get ready ‘cuz @GraniteSec is heading back to Fort Foster [info] [map] at Kittery Point, Maine for it’s fifth family & friends tweetup!

We can’t promise mermaids or sky-diving surfers, but you’re sure to have a groovy time hanging loose and chowing down with other hip cats & chicks.

For all the low down, check out (redirect to the latest tweetup Eventbrite page forthcoming) or rap with @hrbrmstr, @ITSecurity or @1_tjw on Twitter.

(And, if any of you younger cats are having trouble with the lingo/references, check this out, man…)

Also, if you want to help promote the tweetup, you can use the above 500x350px graphic or this 160x400px graphic and link to this post or which will have an Eventbrite redirect up in the near future.

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