Slopegraphs in Python – Experimental Raphaël Support

In preparation for the upcoming 1.0 release and with the hopes of laying a foundation for more interactive slopegraphs, I threw together some rudimentary output support over lunch today for Raphaël, which means that all you have to do is generate a new slopegraph with the “js” output type and include the salient portions of the generated html/css/javascript into a web page (along with including the Raphaël script code).

The next github push will have this update. Here’s an example of the output, using the classic Tufte example chart:

It’s definitely a bit rough around the edges (my eyes immediately fixate upon spacing discrepancies) and lacking any interactivity, but the basic building blocks are in place. It also does not render on my Android phone (HTC Incredible 2) but it does render in Chrome, Safari & on my iPad. Embedding a Raphaël graphic in a web page will definitely have advantages over a PNG or PDF in most situations even if it’s not interactive, so I’ll probably keep the support in regardless of whether I continue to improve upon it.

As I was playing with the code, I kept thinking how neat it would be if there was a Raphaël Cairosurface” option. Perhaps that will be a side project if all goes well, since it would not be that much more complicated (in fact, it may be less complicated) than the Cairo SVG surface code.

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