New Gig!

Well, the proverbial cat is definitely out of the bag now. I’m moving on from the current gig to take a security data scientist position at Verizon Enterprise. The esteemed Wade Baker will be my new benevolent overlord and it probably isn’t a shocker that I went to the place my [co-author]( works.

Wade’s got an awesome team and I’m excited to start contributing. I’ll definitely miss my evil (and, not-so-evil) minions from the current-but-soon-to-be-former gig, but they’ll continue doing EPIC risk work and security analytics in my absence.

Also, I’m staying put in Maine (apart from what I suspect will be a boatload of travel), so fret not Seacoasters, many a night at 7th Settlement will continue to be had!

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  1. David

    Congrats on both the new job and incorporating Maru into your announcement post. :)


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