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There was an org that didn’t see
The data exfil hacking spree.
A patch went up, our guard was down,
Oh blow, SolarWinds, blow.

Soon may the Vendorman come,
And bring us Yara rules to run.
One day when their huntin’ is done,
They’ll take their scripts and go.

There was no implant here before,
But after was a sly backdoor.
The C2 signals they did soar
And labored low and slow.

As the attack did laterally move
Our foe did get into their groove;
Stealing certs; installing ‘sploits
Wher’er they did go.

Then one day in the by and by,
Some clever folk with a firey-eye,
Spotted something amiss in Orion’s belt
And a delvin’ they did go.

The sunburst cleared and they did see
The origin of their recent misery.
A blog went up; they did proclaim
Many other orgs were laid low.

As far as I’ve heard, the fight’s still on;
The C2s blocked but the attackers aren’t done.
The Vendorman makes his regular call
To help CISO, crew and all.

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