More DIY ZeroAccess GeoIP Fun : jQuery/D3 Choropleths

In the spirit of the previous example this one shows you how to do a quick, country-based choropleth in D3/jQuery with some help from the command-line since not everyone is equipped to kick out some R and most folks I know are very handy at a terminal prompt.

I took the ZeroAccessGeoIPs.csv file and ran it through a quick *nix one-liner to get a JSON-ish associative array of country abbreviations to botnet counts in that country:

cat ZeroAccessGeoIPs.csv | cut -f1,1 -d\,| sort | uniq -c | sort -n | tr "[:upper:]" "[:lower:]" | while read a b ; do echo "{ \"$b\" : \"$a\" }," ; done > botcounts.js

I found a suitable SVG world map on Wikipedia that had id="ABBREV" country groupings. This is not the most #spiffy map (and, if you dig a bit more than I did, you’ll probably find a better one) but it works for this example and shows you how quickly you can find the bits you need to get a visualization together.

With that data and the SVG file pasted into the same HTML document, it’s a simple matter of generating a gradient with some d3 magic:

color = d3.scale.log().domain([1,47880]).range(["#FFEB38","#F54747"]);

and, then, looping over the associative array while using said color range to fill in the country shapes:

 $.each(botcounts, function(key, value) {
    $('#' + key).css('fill',color(value))
}) ;

we get:

You can view the full, larger example on this separate page where you can do a view-source to see the entire code. I really encourage you to do this as you’ll see that there are just a handful of lines of your own code necessary to make a compelling visualization. Sure, you’ll want to add a legend and some other styling, but the basics can be done in – literally – minutes, leaving customized details to your imagination & creativity.

The entire map could have been done in D3, but I only spent about 5 minutes on the entire exercise (including the one-liner) and am still more comfortable in jQuery than I am in D3. I did this also to show that it’s perfectly fine (as Mainers are wont to say) to do pre-processing and hard-coding when cranking out visualizations. The goal is to communicate something to your audience and there are no hard-and-fast rules governing this process. As with any coding, if you think you’ll be doing this again it is a wise idea to make the solution more generic, but there’s nothing wrong with taking valid shortcuts to get results out as quickly as possible.

Definitely feel invited to share your creations in the comments, especially if you find a better map!

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