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I’m still getting my self-hosted [Tiny Tiny RSS]( configuration just the way I want it prior to doing a full blog post on it, but I thought it would be helpful to share a basic Chrome App for it. I ended up creating it to replace the Google Reader Chrome App icon. Making these “Chrome App bookmarks” is dead simple: just create a manifest.json with the following contents:

     "name": "TT-RSS",
     "description": "Tiny Tiny RSS Reader",
     "version": "",
     "app": {
          "urls": [
          "launch": {
               "web_url": ""
     "icons": {
          "128": "rss_128.png",
          "16": "rss_16.png"
     "permissions": [
     "manifest_version": 2

Change the salient strings and put it in a directory along with the images below.



Then, enable “Developer Mode” under Chrome→Extensions, select “Load Unpacked Extensions…” and navigate to the folder you made.

You can also just [download a pre-built folder]( with the above files, but you’ll still need to edit the manifest.json to customize the strings.

If you can make a more “TT-RSS-like” set of images, please drop a note in the comments with their location and I’ll incorporate them into the download (and may even setup a github for the whole project if there’s interest).

Cover image from Data-Driven Security
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