Nuclear Animations in D3

As I said, I’m kinda obsessed with the “nuclear” data set. So much so that I made a D3 version that’s similar to the R version I made the other day. I tried not to code much today (too much Easter fun going on), so I left off the size & color legends, but it drops the bombs and fills the radiation meters bars as each year progresses.

Working in raw D3 reminds me how nice it is to work in R. Much cruft is abstracted away and the “API” in R (at least list ops and ggplot2) seem more consistent or at least less verbose.

One big annoyance (besides tweaking projection settings) is that I had to set:

script-src 'self' 'unsafe-eval';

on the [content security policy]( since D3 uses “eval” a bit.

It’s embedded below and you can bust the frame via [this link](/projects/nucleard3/index.html). I made no effort to have it fit on tiny screens (it just requires fidgeting with the heights/widths of things), but it’s pretty complete code (including browser/touch icons, content security policy & open graph tags) and it’s annotated to help R folks map between ggplot2 and D3. If you build anything on it, drop a note in the comments.

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