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My wife tricked me into a partial-weekend project to try to get all the primary/caucus results to-date on a map (the whole us). This is challenging since not all states use counties as boundaries for aggregate results. I’m still piecing together some shapefiles for the primary/caucus summation boundaries for a couple remaining states but I didn’t want to let the data source for the election results go without a mention.

The bestest part of the `iframe` below (which can be busted with [this link](/projects/primaryplotting.html)) is the CNN JSON link. You can discover those with Developer Tools on any modern browser. Here’s [the rest]( of those links (using a gist to add enough layers of redirection to hopefully keep this data free/available).

It’s really well-formatted JSON. As of this post, not all those links completely work (the Maine & PR results weren’t certified yet). Please credit the hard-working folks at CNN whenever/wherever you use this data (if you use it at all). Making a resource like this available is a great service (even if it wasn’t 100% intentional).

The rest of the post shows how to display the voting % per top-candidate in each Texas county. Because Texas uses counties for roll-up aggregation, we can also use `tigris` to get great maps.

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