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If you went to SOURCE Boston this year (2012), attended my security awareness talk and liked the Angry Birds theme to the slides, here’s a copy of the Keynote theme (it’s not really a true Keynote theme as there are divergent slides I’ve included). Here’s a sample:

You’re going to need the “Feast of Flesh BB” font (local source) by Blambot Comic Fonts & Lettering if you want to keep consistent with the Angry Birds lettering on various slides.

You can also grab my talk slides at the conference site or from my local archive.

BTW: In the event you’re also looking for a shortcut method of making some of the font-effects in the slides, I strongly suggest using some of the font manipulation tools in Microsoft Word if you don’t have more expensive tools like Adobe Acrobat kicking around. You can do some really cool things in Word, save as PDF, crop in Preview and import into Keynote or Photoshop with great results.

UPDATE: I forgot to include the MP3 of the theme song which I played as part of a transition from “blah” slides to the Angry Birds title slide. (Original files over at the Angry Birds Nest).

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