R⁶ — Scraping Images To PDFs

I’ve been doing intermittent prep work for a follow-up to an earlier post on store closings and came across this CNN Money “article” on it. Said “article” is a deliberately obfuscated or lazily crafted series of GIF images that contain all the Radio Shack impending store closings. It’s the most comprehensive list I’ve found, but… Continue reading

Scrapeover Friday — a.k.a. Another R Scraping Makeover

I caught a glimpse of a tweet by @dataandme on Friday: Using R & rvest to explore Malaysian property mkt: "Web Scraping: The Sequel, Propwall.my" https://t.co/daZOOJJfPN #rstats #rvest pic.twitter.com/u6QMhm4M3e— Mara Averick (@dataandme) May 5, 2017 Mara is — without a doubt — the best data science promoter in the Twitterverse. She seems to have her… Continue reading

Come Fly With Me (well, not really) — Comparing Involuntary Disembarking Rates Across U.S. Airlines in R

By now, word of the forcible deplanement of a medical professional by United has reached even the remotest of outposts in the #rstats universe. Since the news brought this practice to global attention, I found some aggregate U.S. Gov data made a quick, annual, aggregate look at this soon after the incident: Overall annual boarding… Continue reading

Roll Your Own Gist Comments Notifier in R

As I was putting together the coord_proj ggplot2 extension I had posted a (https://gist.github.com/hrbrmstr/363e33f74e2972c93ca7) that I shared on Twitter. Said gist received a comment (several, in fact) and a bunch of us were painfully reminded of the fact that there is no built-in way to receive notifications from said comment activity. @jennybryan posited that it… Continue reading