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I put this together after experimenting with `ggplot2` and `ggnetwork` earlier this week. The changes I made added `svgPanZoom` into the mix. Consequently, it has a widget in it, so it was just easier to embed the full R markdown HTML into an `iframe` than to try to extract the content piecemeal into WP.

You can bust the `iframe` via .

Read on to see how to grab some JSON, create edge list, do some basic graph stats with `igraph` and generate an interactive visualization with `ggplot2` and `svgPanZoom`.


  1. How are cc’s and bcc’s handled? Could that be the reason for the results you show for:

    filter(from != “Hillary Clinton” & to != “Hillary Clinton”)

    • Good q. Until I get the PDFs (which should have this info) I won’t know. The WSJ JSON is woefully scant.

  2. I believe the orphaned mini-graphs are indeed cases where Hillary is CC’d. See document C05791081 as an example.

    • Aye. I’m leaning towards CC or BCC for them now. I have the PDFs and converted them to (cleaned) ASCII. Next post will be working with those and prbly a bit more graphs.

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