A Very Palette-able Post

UPDATE: I was reminded that I made a more generic version of adobecolor to handle many types of swatch files which you can find on github. Many of my posts seem to begin with a link to a tweet, and this one falls into that pattern: And @_inundata is already working on a #rstats palette…. Continue reading

R⁶ — Using R With Amazon Athena & AWS Temporary Security Credentials

Most of the examples of working with most of the AWS services show basic username & password authentication. That’s all well-and-good, but many shops use the AWS Security Token Service to provide temporary credentials and session tokens to limit exposure and provide more uniform multi-factor authentication. At my workplace, Frank Mitchell created a nice electron… Continue reading

Travis-CI Flaw Exposed Some ‘Secure’ Environment Variable Contents

Tagging this as #rstats-related since many R coders use Travis-CI to automate package builds (and other things). Security researcher Ivan Vyshnevskyi did some ++gd responsible disclosure to the Travis-CI folks letting them know they were leaking the contents of “secure” environment variables in the build logs. The TL;DR on “secure” environment variables is that they… Continue reading

Scrapeover Friday — a.k.a. Another R Scraping Makeover

I caught a glimpse of a tweet by @dataandme on Friday: Using R & rvest to explore Malaysian property mkt: "Web Scraping: The Sequel, Propwall.my" https://t.co/daZOOJJfPN #rstats #rvest pic.twitter.com/u6QMhm4M3e— Mara Averick (@dataandme) May 5, 2017 Mara is — without a doubt — the best data science promoter in the Twitterverse. She seems to have her… Continue reading