Disgraced, Twice Impeached, Former President Joins His Long List Of Campaign And Administration Officials And Advisors As A Convicted Felon

Wake the heck up, 🇺🇸. This is the company the dude +40% of you want to give the keys to the country again kept. Crooks hang with crooks. I don’t know about y’all, but I like candidates for U.S. President who haven’t been convicted of a felony. Here’s the list of his felonious besties, just… Continue reading

VulnCheck’s Free Community KEV & CVE APIs (Code & Golang CLI Utility)

VulnCheck has some new, free API endpoints for the cybersecurity community. Two extremely useful ones are for their extended version of CISA’s KEV, and an in-situ replacement for NVD’s sad excuse for an API and soon-to-be-removed JSON feeds. There are two ways to work with these APIs. One is retrieve a “backup” of the entire… Continue reading

Welcome To 2024

Hey folks, This is likely our last shot at preserving liberal democracy in the U.S., or at least avoiding 20–40 years of abject horribleness by wannabe bigoted and sociopathic demigods. The year 2024 is also set to be a significant year for global politics, with a large number of critical elections taking place around the… Continue reading