New codewords for “age & family discrimination”

From: [Why Corporate America Is Leaving the Suburbs for the City](

>_We wanted energy, vibrancy and diversity, and to accelerate a change in our culture by moving downtown._


>_We want to begin a process of strategically removing more highly paid, legacy employees who can’t commit 12 hours a day to our company and replacing them with younger folks we can take advantage of._

The move to forgo the addition of parking spaces in these new city HQs and encourage the use of mass transit is also interesting, given the [current state]( [of mass transit systems]( [in America]( Will these corporations be kicking in greenbacks for infrastructure/capacity improvement? Methinks not.

Remember, kids, these are soulless, giant, multinational corporations that place “shareholder value” over **everything else**. Also, remember that you’ll be a “legacy” worker someday, too.

Hopefully some startup will jump in to buy up all the forthcoming empty suburban campus spaces and turn them into indoor farms.

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