2013 Summer Vacation Puzzle Challenge

When I am out of the office for an extended time, I try to post a “crypto” challenge for work-folk to do while I’m gone with the added bonus of winning fabulous prizes. There were no answers submitted for the clues during our ANP trip, but I’m re-posting all of the clues here (with some hints) while we’re climbing Katahdin this week and opening it up to all takers.

Here are the clues (in chronological order):

– 2013-06-23 : 2C 22 5E 55 ☚ 44 12 45 13 0116;0114;0097;0105;0108
– 2013-06-24 : ttp://rud.is/trident.png #OoO #clue
– 2013-06-25 : http://pastebin.com/t1Aqs0fj #OoO #clue
– 2013-06-26 : 34 34 20 32 32 20 31 38 ☚ 36 38 20 33 33 20 37 33 108;105;103;104;116;104;111;117;115;101; #OoO #clue
– 2013-06-27 : 0o37350o60o33 NEEEEE RSS FRR 792 [08] s/i//I #OoO #clue
– 2013-06-28 : Context is the key to your path forward… #OoO #clue
– 2013-06-29 : http://www.barharbormaine.gov/document/0002/2102.pdf #OoO #clue

There’s a solution for each day and submissions (to bob at rudis dot net) must include each day’s answer.

Here are additional hints (in chronological order):

– The hand points west
– We were in ANP, not midcoast Maine, so there’s definitely more than a visually appealing picture; plus, I left off the ‘h’ just for kicks
– Don’t over-think what you find. Focus on finding out what is missing.
– The hand points west (but you might be wrong to only use what you know from 2013-06-23)
– Octal, then piece things together and go to a familiar resource location to find something
– When did I tweet that again? Mebbe take some direction from the previous day’s hint
– Far too simple to provide a hint #true

Prizes, you say? Well, yes. For the determined folks who do submit something correct (with a bit of explanation on what you did to solve each one), the first person to do so wins an ANP mug and shot glass (you can use the former for beer or soda and the latter for espresso or harder substances).

I’ll do a write-up on the answers when [if?] I get back.

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