Using #rstats to Help Santa Deliver Presents This Christmas!

The right jolly old elves over at Alteryx created a “Santalytics” challenge back in 2016 to see if their community members could help Santa deliver presents to kids all across the globe.

They posted data for four challenges along with solutions and I’ve made a git repo & RStudio project with the challenges and solves for two of the four (I was going to try to have all four done but December has been a cruel master when it comes to allowing for free time).

Most of tasks are pretty straightforward and range from basic joining and grouping to some spatial optimizations (but all very do-able with a little elbow grease). The featured image at the top of the blog is one solution to finding “distribution hubs” for all the presents.

You can find the starter Rmd and data files over at your favorite social coding site:


Give Santa a hand and blog your approach to solving each challenge!

All four of our offspring are home for Christmas this year (w00t!!!) so this is likely the last blog post of 2019. Many blessings to all as you celebrate this time of year and catch y’all in 2020!

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