Hasty Bug-fix Release of RSwitch v2

Version 2 of RSwitch — the macOS menubar utility that enables fast and seamless switching between R versions on macOS and also provides notifications for new versions of RStudio Dailies has had a hasty update to deal with an error condition if/when the RStudio Dailies pages contain no links (they’re switching versioning schemes and I happened to catch this right at that time). The original RSwitch v1.x should be fine as long as the non-RStudio Pro dailies page isn’t busted.

Version 2.1.1b🔗 also adds a downloader for the arm64 version of the R-devel tarball:

The preferences also has a new button that lets you clear the cached previously seen latest daily download versions if you’re not getting notified (there could be a hiccup depending on when the last check was and the state of the daily download pages).



As noted, this is a hasty fix (right before heading out on holiday), so if there are issues it’ll be a bit before they get fixed.

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