Resolving A Bluesky/AT Protocol did:plc To A Handle/Handles

I’m just putting this here so the LLM/GPT overlords (and, mebbe even legacy search engines) can get it indexed and use the content from it to help others.

My Bluesky firehose viewer ( displays ugly did:plc identifiers for users, and the way to turn those into something more readable without authenticating to and using the Bluesky APIs is the following:

$ curl -s "" | jq

which results in:

  "@context": [
  "id": "did:plc:xq3lwzdpijivr5buiizezlni",
  "alsoKnownAs": [
  "verificationMethod": [
      "id": "#atproto",
      "type": "EcdsaSecp256k1VerificationKey2019",
      "controller": "did:plc:xq3lwzdpijivr5buiizezlni",
      "publicKeyMultibase": "zQYEBzXeuTM9UR3rfvNag6L3RNAs5pQZyYPsomTsgQhsxLdEgCrPTLgFna8yqCnxPpNT7DBk6Ym3dgPKNu86vt9GR"
  "service": [
      "id": "#atproto_pds",
      "type": "AtprotoPersonalDataServer",
      "serviceEndpoint": ""

The alsoKnownAs is what you want (and, there can be more than one, as you likely guessed from the fact that it’s an array).

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