Guardian Words: Visualized

Andy Kirk (@visualisingdata) & Lynn Cherny (@arnicas) tweeted about the Guardian Word Count service/archive site, lamenting the lack of visualizations:

This gave me a chance to bust out another [Shiny]( app over on our [Data Driven Security]( [shiny server](

I used my trusty “`Google-Drive-spreadsheet-IMPORTHTML-to-CSV`” workflow (you can access the automagically updated data [here]( to make the CSV that updates daily on the site and is referenced by the Shiny/R code.

The code has been [gist-ified](, and I’ll be re-visiting it to refactor the `data.frame` creation bits and add some more charts as the data set gets larger.

(Don’t forget to take a peek at our new book, [Data-Driven Security](!)
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