Mid/Northern New England Tweetup

Eventbrite site: http://www.eventbrite.com/s/5cnV

It’s at Fort Foster. We thought about it a bit late in the season so no pavillion, but I’ll be there wicked-early and have a gazebo-like covering setup over some tables. I highly suggest bringing folding chairs. There is a nominal entrance fee (cash). Link to Fort Foster is in the Eventbrite page.

I’ll have signs up showing where we’re setup.

Right now (08-16) there are over 30 ppl (including family members) signed up!

I’m making a boatload of pulled bbq (still not decided on chicken or pork) for everyone. It’s potluck, so bring as much or little as you like. I’ll work on a massive bucket of drinks as well (tis busy week here, unfortunately) and will no doubt have spare plates & napkins.

We setup a google spreadsheet if you want to wish to post what you plan to share (if anything…no worries).

I updated the eventbrite posting with my google voice # if you need to reach me by phone for any reason.

Fort Foster has a beach area, scuba diving area, can handle kayaks and has a nice (but smallish) set of hiking trails. There are also grills if you plan on bringing raw items to cook.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Oh, yeah, it will come as a complete surprise, but I’ll have the “shield” on so you can recognize me :-)

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