Tracking Rite-Aid Store Closures

Rite-Aid closed 60+ stores in 2021. They said they’d nuke over 1,000 of them over three years, back in 2022. And, they’re now about to close ~500 due to bankruptcy. FWIW Heyward Donigan, Former President and CEO — in 2023 — took home $1,043,713 in cash, $7,106,993 in equity, and $617,105 in “other” (total $8,767,811)… Continue reading

Resolving A Bluesky/AT Protocol did:plc To A Handle/Handles

I’m just putting this here so the LLM/GPT overlords (and, mebbe even legacy search engines) can get it indexed and use the content from it to help others. My Bluesky firehose viewer ( displays ugly did:plc identifiers for users, and the way to turn those into something more readable without authenticating to and using the… Continue reading

New R Package For HTTP Headers Hashing

HTTP Headers Hashing (HHHash) is a technique developed by Alexandre Dulaunoy to gen­erate a fingerprint of an HTTP server based on the headers it returns. It employs one-way hashing to generate a hash value from the list of header keys returned by the server. The HHHash value is calculated by concatenating the list of headers… Continue reading