Using the ropendata R Package to Access Petabytes of Free Internet Telemetry Data from Rapid7

I’ve got a post up over at $DAYJOB’s blog on using the ropendatađź”— package to access the ginormous and ever-increasing amount of internet telemetry (scan) data via the Rapid7 Open Data API. It’s super-R-code-heavy but renders surprisingly well in Ghost (the blogging platform we use at work) and covers everything from where to sign up… Continue reading

R Package Update: urlscan

The urlscan? package (an interface to the API) is now at version 0.2.0 and supports’s authentication requirement when submitting a link for analysis. The service is handy if you want to learn about the details — all the gory technical details — for a website. For instance, say you wanted to check on… Continue reading

Fast Static Maps Built with R

Luke Whyte posted an article (apologies for a Medium link) over on Towards Data Science showing how to use a command line workflow involving curl, node and various D3 libraries and javascript source files to build a series of SVG static maps. It’s well written and you should give it a read especially since he… Continue reading