2022 Hanukkah of Data • Puzzle 2

Ref: https://rud.is/b/2022/12/19/2022-hanukkah-of-data-puzzle-1/ library(tidyverse) cust <- read_csv(“~/Downloads/noahs-csv/noahs-customers.csv”) orders_items <- read_csv(“~/Downloads/noahs-csv/noahs-orders_items.csv”) orders <- read_csv(“~/Downloads/noahs-csv/noahs-orders.csv”) products <- read_csv(“~/Downloads/noahs-csv/noahs-products.csv”) orders_items |> left_join(products) -> oip orders |> left_join(oip) -> orders orders |> filter( 2017 == lubridate::year(ordered), grepl(“cleaner|bagel”, desc, ignore.case=TRUE) ) |> group_by(customerid, orderid) |> summarise( ord = paste0(desc, collapse=”; “), n = n() ) |> arrange(desc(n)) # look for bagel… Continue reading

2022 Hanukkah of Data • Puzzle 1

Visiting #2 and doing some $WORK-work, but intrigued with Hanukkah of Data since Puzzle 0 was solvable with a ZIP password cracker (the calendar date math seemed too trivial to bother with). Decided to fall back to R for this (vs Observable for the Advent of Code which I’ll dedicate time to finishing next week)…. Continue reading

Using Leonardo SVG Palettes in R

In today’s newsletter Leonardo, an open source project and free online too from Adobe that lets you make great and accessible color palettes for use in UX/UI design and data visualizations! You can read the one newsletter section to get a feel for Leonardo, then go play with it a bit. The app lets you… Continue reading

Keeping Those SSH Keys Safe

I came across a neat site that uses a Golang wasm function called from javascript on the page to help you see if your GitHub public SSH keys are “safe”. What does “safe” mean? This is what the function checks for (via that site): Recommended key sizes are as follows: For the RSA algorithm at… Continue reading

Update On ESC/POS Package Work

The morning before work was super productive and there is a nigh-complete DSL for ESC/POS commands along with the ability to just print {ggplot2}/{grid} object. I changed the package name to {escpos} since it is no longer just plot object focused, and the DSL looks a bit like this: library(stringi) library(hrbrthemes) library(ggplot2) library(escpos) ggplot() +… Continue reading