Running RStudio (1.2) Background Jobs

The forthcoming RStudio 1.2 release has a new “Jobs” feature for running and managing background R tasks. I did a series of threaded screencaps on Twitter but that doesn’t do the feature justice. So I threw together a quick ‘splainer on how to run and Python (despite RStudio not natively supporting Python) code in the… Continue reading

Making World Tile Grid-Grids

A colleague asked if I would blog about how I crafted the grid of world tile grids in this post and I accepted the challenge. The technique isn’t too hard as it just builds on the initial work by Jon Schwabish and a handy file made by Maarten Lambrechts. The Premise For this particular use-case,… Continue reading

OS Secrets Exposed: Extracting Extended File Attributes and Exploring Hidden Download URLs With The xattrs Package

Most modern operating systems keep secrets from you in many ways. One of these ways is by associating extended file attributes with files. These attributes can serve useful purposes. For instance, macOS uses them to identify when files have passed through the Gatekeeper or to store the URLs of files that were downloaded via Safari… Continue reading

Create Code Metrics with cloc

The cloc Perl script (yes, Perl!) by Al Danial ( has been one of the go-to tools for generating code metrics. Given a single file, directory tree, archive, or git repo, cloc can speedily give you metrics on the count of blank lines, comment lines, and physical lines of source code in a vast array… Continue reading