Rforecastio 1.2.0 Bug-fix Update

Not even going to put an `R` category on this since I don’t want to pollute R-bloggers with this tiny post, but I had to provide the option to let folks specify `ssl.verifypeer=FALSE` (so I made it a generic option to pass in any CURL parameters) and I had a couple gaping bugs that I missed due to not clearing out my environment before building & testing.

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  1. Stefan


    it would be nice if we could choose between POSIXlt and POSIXct (the first doesn’t work in data.table) for the date format. As I see it this only requires a parameter that changes the function used in timely.

    fio.forecast<-function (api.key, 
      if(!is.null(x)) time.formatter(x,...) else NULL

    and then search&replace timely with timely(time.formatter,


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